I stopped using the video camera circa 2000. When video editing packages became readily available I tinkered with a bit of transference. A few significant events were converted but I did not get far. The first real project (April 2010) was the critically acclaimed Oldbury town centre (1979), converted from cini to the internet. I replaced the awful pan pipes music with something more contemporary using Windows Live Movie Maker, and also varied the speed.
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Back in 1992, I brought a Hi-8 video camcorder. It was a big step up from the old cini camera my family used from 1975 to the early 1980s.

After a while I also brought a title making machine which consisted of a keyboard and a few faders - cutting edge for home editing in the early 1990s. You would plug on both the camcorder (AV input) and the VHS recorder (ask your parents) as output

The camera was used by a variety of friends; and the title machine added to the usually funny footage. Using the keyboard I mocked up a credits / intro logo which preceded the recordings.

The 20th Century Chicken logo was born...

Camcorder uploads Feb 9th 2013 NEW
  • Family footage of my Dad, and my uncles and family
    in the garden. (April 1995 36MB)
  • Family footage of my Dad, with my Grandparents
    dog Sheba, and our Cat. (June 1996 20MB)
  • Uplands Avenue Flats; The Big Bang (1996 69MB)

  • Cinifilm uploads - Jan 27 2013
  • Langley Carnival - Tiswaz 1978 (56MB)
  • Whiteheath Junior School 1980s (106MB)
  • Edited compilations of family birthdays (1980s) featuring old friends from long ago... (145MB)
  • Files should launch in IE, if not right click on link and save to your desktop.
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    I had planned on working on some family videos first in the 20th Century Chicken studio during Jan/Feb 2013. (but as ever, life and exams got in the way) This new website is a portal to view them and in the summer half term (I am a student you know) I'll have a go at converting all the Hi-8 video, of which there is shed loads to look through.

    • 2014 WEBSITE - I've written two websites in the latter part of 2013.

    •I'm particularly proud of the results of the bespoke website for C J B Carpentry Services
    • I used a website template for Clare Woodward Songwriter
    • UNDER CONSTRUCTION • Updated 26th Jan 2014